Ian Landsman



c. 2005

Ian founded UserScape in 2005 with a vision of making simple, affordable and useful web based customer service tools. Before founding UserScape Ian worked in a variety of customer service management positions.

Jamie Landsman


c. 2005

Jamie handles all of UserScape's operations and plays a critical role in strategic planning and development.

Rebecca Hellemans

Account Executive

c. 2008

Rebecca is responsible for taking care of our existing and prospective customers. Answering their questions, doing demos, and ensuring they know why HelpSpot is the best help desk solution in the business!

Eric Barnes


Product Engineer

c. 2012

Eric handles front end development and architecture on Snappy and HelpSpot along with a number of special projects and side initiatives. He's also runs the popular, Laravel News website.

Chris Fidao


Software Engineer

c. 2014

Chris is dedicated to our enterprise help desk application HelpSpot. Managing day to day improvements and our HelpSpot Cloud infrastructure. Chris also runs the popular site, Servers For Hackers.

Matt Stenson


Support Engineer

c. 2015

Matt has a hard job, with a simple goal: keep our customers exceptionally happy. When he's not taking pictures of Lake Michigan you'll find him doing just that!

Our Story

While working at a local University Ian became increasing frustrated by their woefully out-of-date help desk solution. How could a large institution be using such a terrible tool to manage customer service; something so key to building positive, lasting relationships with customers?

After a great deal of thought, during a proverbial cocktail napkin brainstorming session, Ian and Jamie decided they could build a tool that was better than the existing solutions. This tool needed to be web based, easy to use, and focused on allowing companies to provide superior service via email and the web. Beyond hashing out functionality, those sessions yielded an important theme: Don't try to do everything but what you do, do well. Out of that simple idea HelpSpot was born and continues to be raised.

Since then we've continued to grow and develop HelpSpot in cooperation with our stubbornly loyal group of customers. Many of which have been with us from the start.

We're proud that, without taking a dollar of VC money, we've been able to be profitable since our first month in business by doing things the way we think they should be done. Most of this time we've tried our hardest to stay small (yes, we want to stay small!), but times change and growth is now an inevitable, yet exciting, part of our future. Given the market place and upcoming initiatives, we believe there are some amazing opportunities for us over the next 12-18 months. So, with maybe just a bit of trepidation we've decided to get just a little bigger.

As our story evolves we're looking for great people to join the ride. If you're interested in a startup-style environment in the heart of the majestic Hudson Valley (about 85 miles north of NYC) please take a look at our openings.

Current Job Openings