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On May 15-16 nearly 300 PHP developers from around the globe converged in NYC for Laracon 2014, and the UserScape crew was at the center of the action. As a major sponsor of Laracon, UserScape and Snappy brought you live blog coverage of the event as it happened, and today we’re bringing you what you’ve been waiting for ever since: video of the Laracon 2014 talks!

Laracon 2014 Day 1 Videos

Taylor Otwell - Keynote

Taylor gives the state of Laravel and introduces Forge.

Jeffrey Way - What's Wrong With It?

Jeff takes us on a tour of great new Laravel 4.2 features.

Jeremy Mikola - Async PHP With React

Who needs Node, async with PHP.

Shawn McCool - Laravel.IO - A Use Case Architecture

Learn about the advanced architecture used in the new site.

Tim Griesser - Demystifying Modern JavaScript

The ins and outs of modern javascript frameworks and tools.

Ian Landsman - Open Source & Your Business (lightning talk)

How your business can and should support open source software.

Jeremy Mikola - Lightning (lightning talk)

A lightening talk about lightening!

Kayla Daniels - Equality in Technology (lightning talk)

Equality in technology and The Code Manifesto

Jeremy Lindblom - AWS For Artisans

See the variety of tools AWS has available and using it with Laravel.

Laracon 2014 Day 2 Videos

Dayle Rees - Breaking The Mold

Dayle goes on a wild architecture ride through Laravel.

Chris Fidao - Hexagonal Architecture

Find out what all the fuss is about with Hexagonal Architecture.

Greg Baugues - Devs & Depression

An important talk no developer should miss.

John Resig - Hacking CS Education @ Khan Academy

See the amazing interactive programming environment they're developing at Khan Academy.

Igor Wiedler - Abstract Machines

Don't know about Abstract Machines? Find out! Warning, you may need to watch this one a few times.